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Opposite of Front-end, it's the side where all the technology happens. It's what happens behind the layout of graphics and text on a web page. The side you can't see.



The writing of a language that web browsers can understand - such as in HTML or DHTML.



Known as dynamic HTML, it combines HTML, style sheets, and scripts to make web pages more interactive.  Both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator browsers support DHTML features.


Domain Name

The name given to a web site. It falls between the www. and .com of a web site address. Ours is: inter-active-design Domain names are issued by the National Science Foundation (NSF), and they come with different extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .us to name a few.

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Opposite of Back-end. It's the side where you see all the graphics and text. The side you're looking at now.



The different parts of a web site that make things happen. The pull-down menu that you used to get to these definitions is a form of functionality. Sending an email from a web site is another.



A company that houses all the pages, graphics and functionality of someone's web site. This information is stored in a computer server and your browser is directed there when you type in a domain name.

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Hypertext Markup Language is a collection of formatting commands that create the structural elements of web pages. When your browser brings up a web page, the browser interprets the HTML commands embedded in the page and uses them to format the page's text and graphic elements.


Information Technology

Also known as IT, Information Technology is the overall term applied to anything in the form of digital communication such as web pages.



It's what the user reacts to when they visit a web site. Also see User Interface.



First originated in 1969 as a governmental communications network during the Cold War. Now major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as MCI, GTE and Sprint own portions of it. Today its countless networks and computers across the world allow millions of people to share information.



An Intranet is a restricted-access network. Usually owned and managed by a corporation. An Intranet enables a company to share its resources with its employees without confidential information being made available to everyone with Internet access.

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Invented by Sun Microsystems, Java is a programming language scripted for adding animation and other actions to web sites.

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The function of promoting a product or service. The use of advertising, direct mail and other services. Internet services are a part of an overall Marketing plan

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The combination of different elements such as animation, sound and video to produce an interactive environment for a user to enjoy.

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How a user gets around a web site. The best sites are those that allow the user to easily get to a specific page or location without getting lost. It also allows the user to easily return to where they were. Web navigation is never a single line of direction.



An intermediate web site used for client approval. It has the same look and functions like the final web site but it's not optimized for the Internet.



Much like Coding, Scripting can be added to standard web pages to create interactive documents. Examples are JSP, ASP, DHTML and what started it all, HTML. As a result, Scripting has found considerable use in the creation of interactive web-based forms.


Search Engine

A way for a user to input a word or words to find web sites across the Internet. A Search Engine analyzes text (Meta Tags) and searches for matching terms and words and then returns the results. Examples of Search Engines are: Yahoo, Alta Vista and Google to name a few of over 500+.

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The act of transferring web pages, graphics and scripting to a hosting server for viewing on the Internet.



A very important part of web site creation. It's the ease-of-ability at getting around and finding what the user is looking for. To find out if a web site is usable or not, you incorporate Usability Testing as a part of your web site creation.

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In simplest terms, it's the person who will interact with and react to a web site. In this case: you!


User Interface

Also known as UI, it's the mixture of knowing who the  person is that will interact with your web site and what they are actually interacting with.


User Tracking

A way for people to know who is coming to their web site and from where. It gives the owner of the web site vital information they can use for marketing and promotional purposes.

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