A well thought out web site basically means the difference between success and failure.  Doing some preliminary thinking can help ensure your site is effective and causes visitors to stay and most of all - return. Ask yourself these questions:

   What's in it for me? A web site is never self-serving. Everything from the visuals, text and navigation are done for the user, since the user is your source of income.
   How much graphics and animation should I use? The most important thing on any site is the content and how easily the user can find it. Never add anything just to add it - have a reason.
   How do I best organize my content? Plan out what you want to say and show. Group ideas together to help the viewer navigate to what they are looking for. Everything should flow
   Should I design the site myself or hire someone? If you have the internet technology, design abilities and most of all time, then create the site yourself.  But know that there's more to a web site than HTML and brain power | design offers more than HTML.
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