Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

The Town of Prescott Valley provides this website as a service to its employees. The following are the policies for this site.

Terms of Use
Any use of this website shall conform to all Prescott Valley, Arizona and United States laws, rules and regulations. Unauthorized attempts to upload information or alter information on this website are prohibited. By visiting this website, visitors agree not to use it for unlawful activity or in any other way that would violate these Terms of Use.

Privacy Policy
Employees visiting this website are not required to provide personal information to use it. The website will not be used to collect personally-identifiable information, such as names or e-mail addresses, unless visitors specifically and knowingly provide them. Any personally-identifying information provided will be used to respond to questions or requests for information. Questions or requests may be redirected by Town staff to other persons who are best able to answer the questions or requests.

Cookies are not used to collect information through this website. Cookie files contain text information that is sent to a visitor's browser -- along with a web page - when the visitor accesses a website. Cookies can be used to track such things as passwords, lists of pages visited, and the date when a specific web page was last looked at.

To protect this website and ensure that this service remains available to all, the Town uses software programs to monitor network traffic and identify attempts to change information on this site or otherwise cause damage to the site. This information may be used as necessary to support authorized law enforcement investigations.

The Town retains copyright protection on all text, graphic images, and other content in this website. Unless an employee obtains advance permission, the employee may not: distribute the text or graphics to others; "mirror" the information on another server; or modify or re-use the text or graphics.

Employees may print copies of the information in this website for personal use and may refer to the website in their own documents. However, commercial use of this website and the content and services contained therein is prohibited without advance written permission of the Town.

Notice, Accuracy and Non-liability
This website has been developed to provide a convenient method of accessing general information about the Town, its government and services. Documents and materials displayed on this website, and e-mail responses from Town staff members through this website, are for information purposes only. Such documents, materials and responses are not intended to be legal public notices of any fact, activity or event.

Questions or concerns should be addressed to the Town Web Site Coordinator at the address, telephone number, or e-mail connection listed below.