Information Technology


We're All Tied Together
We're all connected internally with this Intranet that connects the entire town staff to each other and we're accessible to the outside world with our own T1 line high-speed internet connection.


Information Technology (also known as IT) is responsible for providing cost effective electronic data processing, computer systems, and communications support to other departmental operations.

Casey Danner, Manager, 759-3006, cdanner@pvaz.net
Gideon Arnold, Support Technician, 759-3025
Sean Jones, Support Technician, 759-3037

  Computer Corner

Staff now has access to a new helpdesk system, called Track-It, that is based on the same software as before but is now
Web-based. To enter a request or view your existing requests, you may type in http://sqlserver/helpdesk in your web browser or Click Here.

When you go to the Track-It site for the first time, simply click on Favorites, then Add to Favorites. This procedure will save the link for future use. At that point, you may copy and paste the favorite to your desktop as you would any other Web site.

Each time you go to the Track-It site, simply use your regular Windows name and password and you will be brought into the new system. Once in the system, you may search the solutions database which IT will update with common questions and answers.

Please delete the current shortcut that you have on your desktop for "Helpdesk Requests," once you establish the new version. For more information, call IT at 759-3006.


  Tips From IT

Every request for help is important and IT tries to take care of requests as quickly as possible, no matter what the issue may be.

Please remember the following when filling out a Helpdesk request:

  1. Critical
    those requests that must be completed within two hours

  2. Today
    means before the end of this business day

  3. Two days
    means today or tomorrow

  4. One week
    means something that can wait for a week or longer

To view the status of a helpdesk request, you may open the helpdesk program and double click on your open call. To contact the Information Technology Department, call: 759-3006.

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